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Tire Changer 10” – 30” Swing Arm Tire Diameter 50” Nylon Duck Head

TPIN: M0R7641T9

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Made in Taiwan


  1. Max. Tire Diameter: 50"
  2. Max. Tire Width : 14"
  3. Internal Rim Clamp : 12" – 30"
  4. External Rim Clamp : 10" – 28"
  5. Extensions rim clamp
  6. Wheel handled: Alloy and steel for car and light truck
  7. Helper devices: Rubber‑arm, Rubber roller
  8. Nylon duck head
  9. Warranty:2 year parts

    Product Description
  1. Made in Taiwan.
  2. Manual operation of the mount/demount tool.
  3. Four pneumatic clamps and double‑acting cylinders.
  4. The air controller makes the product stable, sturdy, easy to install, and high efficiency, low noise, and high‑quality requirements when the machine rotates.
  5. Power Motor Speed Reducers is a Powerful motor, Low noise, No vibration, Robust.
  6. Worm Gear Reducer direct‑drive keeps the long-term stable transmission
  7. Innovative turntable.
  8. Worm Gear Reducer makes RSC, HP, SSR, RFT easy to disassemble, and 15 to 20% power saving.
  9. Swing arm style.
  10. Efficiently changing low profile tire, high‑performance tire.
  11. No belt gear motor: power saver, reliablility, space saving.

Power Motor Speed Reducers are the heart of the tire changers. We use direct drive gear Reducers to enhance machine of high efficiency stable and low-noise high-quality requirements during rotation. In other aspects of the materials, we require the use of high-quality materials and functional design. We also, pursue the goals of the economy and practicality for the specification function.

  • The unique feature for motor gear, patent No.1042125552.
  • Use Moto Gear to make sure Run-flat tire RFT, Ultra high-performance tire UHP easily and safely mount/demount.
  • The smoothly flat turntable, for four clamps, synchronize, make sure keep tight the wheel, when mount/ demounts.

Nylon duck head Close-up :

Extensions rim clamp Close-up :
Change the position of the PIN to adjust the range of the clamp jaw

Product Information

Technical Details
Model WIN‑320E
Power Supply 110V / 1.5 Hp / 1Ph 60Hz
Max. Tire Diameter 50"
Max. Tire Width 14"
External Rim Clamp 10" ~ 28"
Internal Rim Clamp 12" ~ 30"
Additional Information
Net Weight 594 lbs
Gross Weight 616 lbs
Packing Dimensions 44.9" x 40.55" x 34"