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Auto Car Lift 3HP 2.64 Gallon Hydraulic Pump Power Unit 220V 60HZ Single Phase (Not Available)

This Power Unit works for the following models. It also works for most 2 and 4 post lifts found in auto repair shops and dealerships.

  • Warrior L900/L901 and L2400/L2410
  • E-Plus L1000/L1100 and L2900/L2910
  • L-2-45D/L-2C-45D/L-2C-40S
Volt: 220 V 60 HZ
Power: 2.2 KW (i.e. 2200 Watts)
Horse Power: 3 HP
Pump Displacement 2.1 CC/Rev
Pressure 23 MPa (i.e. 3335.86 psi)
RPM 3400
Total Size: 10L (i.e. total 2.64 Gallon but fill up 2 Gallon)
Brand: Wuxi Deli Hydraulics
Country/Region of Manufacture: China
Manufacturer Part Number: 32-02372
Tank: 2.64 Gallon tank but fill-up 2 gallon oil max
Tank Material Steel
Warranty: Yes