TC Group Industries Corp. Tire Changer.

2–Post Car Lifts — L—2900 (Not Available)
4,000 kg / 9,000 lbs • Free Shipping to Commercial with Forklift or at Terminal

Technical Features:
Driving Mode:
  • Dual hydraulic cylinders, chain drive engagement
Release Mode:
  • 2‑point manual lock release
Arm Assembly:
  • Standard 2–stage arm design
  • Drop–in type lifting pads, truck adapters included
  • Automatic arm lock restraints
Control System:
  • Lifting operation by pressing "UP" button on motor and lock release lever on column simultaneously
  • Manual lowering operation by pressing lever on motor and lock release lever on column simultaneously
  • Built‑in overload protection valve on power pump
Safety Machanism:
  • Door guards protection
  • 9.9 mm diameter steel cable and 120 mm diameter pulley resist high stress to protect cable
  • Stiffened base plate 16 mm thickness
  • Ultra–high molecular self lubricating nylon slider ensures carriage smooth moving up and down
  • Anchor bolts/mounting hardware included
Capacity 9,000 lbs (4,000 kg)
Rise 72–1/8" (1830 mm)
Rise with extensions 78–3/8" (1990 mm)
Overall Height 111–1/8" (2824 mm)
Overall Width 134–5/8" (3420 mm)
Drive Through Clearance 100–5/8" (2555 mm)
Arm Reach 31–1/2" — 44–7/8"
(800–1140 mm
Voltage 220V, 60Hz, 1Ph
Motor 2.2Kw
Width Inside Column 110–1/8" (2800 mm)